Mysteries Revealed

Message DateTitlePlay
4/11/2004Third Pull, The Opening Of The Word - The Mysteries Revealed
3/28/2004Let Us Go On To Perfection
7/11/2004Howbeit We Speak Wisdom Among Them That Are Perfect
8/15/2004Blessed Is The People That Know The Joyfull Sound
8/22/2004The Revealing Of The 6 Seals & Opening Of The 7TH Seal
9/5/2004PM - The Revealing Of The Hidden Mysteries By The 7 Thunders For The Bride's 3rd Phase
9/26/2004My Lord And My God

Elohim Series

Message DateTitleListen
8/16/1981The Fullness Of Time
8/19/1981This Is My Beloved Son In Whom I Am Well Pleased
8/23/1981Representation By Predestination
8/30/1981In Blessing I Will Bless Thee
9/20/1981In The Beginning Was The Word
9/23/1981War In Heaven
9/27/1981Angels Of The Covenant
10/4/1981PM - Tracing The Serpent's Seed
10/11/1981Attribute Sons Of His Spirit
10/18/1981The 3-Fold Mystery Of God
11/26/1981Where Was Thou When I Laid The Foundation Of The Earth
11/28/1981The Word Made Flesh
12/6/1981AM - To Know Him From The Beginning
12/6/1981PM - My Father Worketh Hitherto And I Work
2/26/1982The Lamb's Book Of Redemption - Puerto Rico
2/27/1982Christ In You The Hope Of Glory - Puerto Rico
2/28/1982PM - As My Father Sent Me Even So Send I You - Puerto Rico
2/28/1982AM - Arise Shine For Thy Light Is Come - Puerto Rico

Prophetic Series

Message DateTitleListen
12/26/1965The Shout Of The King 

Historic Messages Of Bro Coleman

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